Commercial Work

Car Parks

Tarmac car parks by Birmingham Car Park Contractors West MidlandsBirmingham Driveways Paving Contractors are able to handle all your commercial work requirements. We are able to construct large car parks in tarmac or block paving: no job too small or too large. Please contact us with your requirements: we provide a free site survey and written quotation.

White Line Painting

white line painting in Birmingham West Midlands by Paving Birmingham uk

Birmingham Driveways Paving Contractors Birmingham are also able to offer a white line painting service to mark out your car parking spaces. Whether you require worn out markings to be re-done, or fresh markings where there have been no white lining previously; we can help. Please call one of our friendly team on 0121 285 6266 for any advice, or to arrange a free no-obligation site survey and written quote.

Kerbs – Curbstones

Kerbstone Installation - Birmingham Driveways lower kerbs in Birmingham West Midlands

If you require your kerb – curb to be lowered we are able to help. If you are looking for paving contractors Birmingham then Driveways Birmingham have the relevant council approval to lower your kerbs – and we are able to carry out the work at a fraction of the price that the council charge.Please contact us for more information.

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